Isle Royale

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Isle Roy·ale

An island of northern Michigan in Lake Superior near the coast of Ontario. French fur traders named the island in 1671. Native Americans mined the island's copper for centuries before ceding the island to the United States in 1843. It is now a national park.
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Isle Royale

(Placename) an island in the northeast US, in NW Lake Superior: forms, with over 100 surrounding islands, Isle Royale National Park. Area: 541 sq km (209 sq miles)
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Isle′ Roy′ale

(ˈrɔɪ əl)
an island in Lake Superior: a part of Michigan; a national park (Isle′ Roy′ale Na′tional Park′). 208 sq. mi. (540 sq. km).
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The authors would like to thank the field workers who collected metatarsal specimens on Isle Royale and contributed to the collection at Michigan Technological University.
Michigan followed suit in 1965 when only a few wolves remained in the Upper Peninsula and an isolated population existed on Isle Royale (Hammill 1997).
As it now stands, the federal recoveryprogram for one gray wolf subspecies, the eastern timber wolf, has three objectives: save the two wolf populations in northern Minnesota and on Lake Superior's Isle Royale, plus establish a stable population of about 100 wolves at a third location (most likely in Wisconsin or Michigan).
A game warden from Colorado, he has volunteered his vacation time every summer since 2014 to find moose skeletons in Isle Royale National Park, a 45-mile-long chunk of boreal forests, swamps and rocky shores in northern Lake Superior.
Chlorastrolite, also known as Isle Royale greenstone, was designated as the official state gem.
ABSTRACT: Isle Royale National Park, an island archipelago in Lake Superior, supports moose at higher density (1-4/[km.sup.2]) relative to most other North American sites.
On Isle Royale in Lake Superior, disease cut through wolf packs in the early 1980s, and moose populations then surged.
Isle Royale, located in northern Lake Superior, was officially dedicated as a national park.
2008) and on Isle Royale, North America (20.9; Jordan et al.

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