Isle of Skye

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Noun1.Isle of Skye - an island of northwestern Scotland noted for its rugged mountain scenery
Inner Hebrides - islands between the Outer Hebrides and the western coast of Scotland
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IN A way, it is a source of pride that the Isle of Skye is named alongside the Galapagos islands and Venice as one of the most attractive places in the world.
Isle of Skye Ferry Community Interest Company are proposing to construct a single-storey Ferry Shore Station adjacent to the existing macadam finished car park at the Glenelg Ferry Station.
The inaugural cruise will circumnavigate Great Britain and Ireland next summer, stopping to explore the Channel Islands, the Isles of Scilly, the Anglesey and the Isle of Skye along the way.
VIEW BEAUTY Sands beach, looking out at the Isle of Skye
One of only 29 locations in the world to receive World Heritage Status for both natural and cultural significance, the archipelago is four hours from the Isle of Skye - but well worth the journey.
By Rail & Sea to the Isle of Skye 6 days from PS599, 13 May & 20 September 2016 Discover the untamed beauty of Scotland.
Mainland Orkney and the Isle of Skye were placed fifth and ninth respectively in this list, with Jersey also featuring in eighth place.
IT WAS with some trepidation that my partner and I set off on our tour of the Highlands and the Isle of Skye.
Tessa Cousins, 56, from Cape Town in South Africa, died in the Cuillin area of the Isle of Skye.
Summary: HMS Astute, the nuclear submarine that ran aground in shallow waters off the Isle of Skye, has been towed free, the Royal Navy said.
Here Maitland describes how she decided to expand her newfound love of silence, from experiencing silence in the Sinai desert to Scotland and a remote cottage on the Isle of Skye.
40pm) Following the efforts of Donald Angus Maclean to catalogue the many reports of spooks and apparitions on the Isle of Skye.