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(Placename) a city in NE Egypt, on the Suez Canal: founded in 1863 by the former Suez Canal Company; devastated by Israeli troops in the October War (1973). Pop: 299 000 (2005 est)


or Is•ma•‘i•li•ya

(ˌɪs meɪ əˈli ə, -maɪ ə-)

a seaport at the midpoint of the Suez Canal, in NE Egypt. 236,300.
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Speaking to Egyptian TV on the sidelines of a tour by President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi and visiting Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman of development projects in Egypt's northeastern Ismailia Governorate, Spokesman Bassam Radi said it is imperative to combat extremism that negatively affects religion.
They also visited some national projects, such as New Ismailia city in Sinai and its tunnels under the Suez Canal.
FILE -- Presidential Spokesman Bassam Rady ISMAILIA - 5 March 2018: Presidential spokesman Bassam Radi confirmed that Egypt's success including its success in realizing stability and security and in combating terrorism can only be attained through the strong will of its people and their unity behind their leadership.
Sahar Nasr ended her field visit to inspect development and investment projects in North Sinai and Ismailia with El-Mahmasa Siphon (Serabiom Canal) in presence of the Governor of Ismailia Major General Yasseen Taher, representatives of the Ministry of Housing, and Assistant Minister Ghadeer Hegazy.
The plan includes these governorates as delegations attending the opening ceremony are expected to pass by them on their way to the Ismailia governorate where the celebration will be taking place.
The massacre of a group of Ismailia Shiite Muslims exposed the plots of the Saudi ambassador and Mecca prayers leader to hold secret meetings with heads of the Takfiri groups," Ahmed Iqbal Razavi said on Sunday.
Summary: Two Moroccan military planes carrying humanitarian aid dispatched by Morocco to Palestinians in the Gaza strip, arrived Thursday morning at the Ismailia airport in Egypt.
Many of our service personnel died and are buried in the cemeteries that we visit: Ismailia, Fayid, Moascar, tel-el-kebir.
Gunmen shot dead three policemen near the Suez canal city of Ismailia and seized their weapons, bringing to five the number of policemen killed in 24 hours in Egypt.
Summary: Two unknown gunmen riding motorcycle shoot dead policeman in Egyptian city of Ismailia.
Many of our service personel died and are buried in the cemeteries that we visit: Ismailia, Fayid, Moascar and Tel-el-kebir.
Published -- Sunday 20 October 2013EL-ARISH, Egypt: Egyptian security officials said a car bomb was detonated near a military intelligence compound in the Suez Canal city of Ismailia, wounding four soldiers.