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 (ĭs′mä-ē′lē) also Is·ma·i·li·an (-ē′lē-ən)
n. pl. Is·ma·i·lis also Is·ma·i·li·ans
A member of a branch of Shiism that follows a living imam and is noted for esoteric philosophy.

[Arabic Isma'īlīy, after Isma'īl (died 760), son of the sixth imam, Jafar (700?-765).]


(ˌɪzmɑːˈiːlɪ) or


npl -lis
1. (Islam) a Shiah sect whose adherents believe that Ismail, son of the sixth imam, was the rightful seventh imam
2. (Islam) Also called: Ismailian a member of this sect
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Noun1.Ismaili - an adherent of Ismailism; a member of the Ismaili branch of Shiism
adherent, disciple - someone who believes and helps to spread the doctrine of another
Adj.1.Ismaili - of or relating to a branch of Shiism that is noted for its esoteric philosophy
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The Ismaili Centre Toronto and the new museum are "helping to increase awareness of Arab culture across North America", he said, noting Ismailis are thankful to Canada for welcoming refugees who fled Uganda in 1972 to find a safe haven in Canada.
Karachi -- Deploring the May 13 despicable gun attack on Ismailis in Karachi, Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali said that terrorists were now hitting soft targets.
He said that the Ismailis are a peaceful, progressive and largely apolitical community that has done much for Pakistans health and education sectors.
Some political workers said that the Karachi gory incident took place a day after hanging of Saulat Mirza, which is clear indication that MQM activists had attacked and killed the innocent 45 Ismailis, to create hatred among different sects to achieve their vested interests by pitching Muslim against Muslim.
The bus was making one of a number of daily scheduled trips between a gated community housing mainly Ismailis on the north-eastern outskirts and the main city.
Somjee's novel, like Vassanji's works, explores the diasporic experiences of Ismailis who migrated to East Africa.
Now, the spiritual leader of the world's Ismailis, multimillionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist the Imam Aga Khan, has issued a rare statement on the Syrian crisis, urging Ismailis to seek a peaceful solution to the crisis.
SANA'A -- Five members of the Ismailis sect, living in Haraz district in Sana'a, have been detained on suspicion of killing Ali Majed Al-Dahab, a 14-year-old child, last Friday using an explosive device.
Ahmed Turki al-Saab was detained in May 2008 after he suggested in a letter to the king there could be social unrest in Najran, which borders Yemen, if action was not taken over what Ismailis say is widespread discrimination.
The majority population in Takhar belongs to the Sunni faith of Islam, while a small number of Tajik Ismailis reside in a few villages in the northern part of the province.
The history covers the life of Mohammad, the early Shi'a, the early Ismailis and the Fatimid state in Cairo, and the Nizari Ismailies from the 13th century to the present.
The area was the scene of violent clashes in 2000, when hundreds of Ismailis, who are a majority in Najran, clashed with police.