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Noun1.Ismailism - the branch of Shiism noted for its esoteric philosophy
Shiism - the branch of Islam that regards Ali as the legitimate successor to Mohammed and rejects the first three caliphs
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The magazine names Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan - uncle of the current Imam of Nizari Ismailism Shah Karim al-Hussaini - as the previous owner of the palace.
The original Gopichand had renounced the throne of Ujjain and became an ascetic - and he lived a century before Pir Patho but it seems that the latter apparently used that name to convert Hindus to Ismailism. Gopichand was a nephew of Raja Bharthari.
Pamiri houses merge Zoroastrian symbols with Shi'a Ismailism. People openly share their history, culture, and religion, and regularly say that it is a key unifying factor in the community.
Calonne introduces important themes from Gnosticism, Manicheanism, and Ismailism to Theosophy and Tarot, demonstrating how inextricably these ideas shaped the Beat literary imagination.
"For me it was a discovery, what Henry Corbin used to call Islamic philosophy." The book devoted a large part to Shiite philosophy, and within that there was a section on Ismailism, a branch of Shiite Islam.
For example, Nasser Khosro who believes in Ismailism, evaluates everything against the criteria of this religious sect.
Most of region's population of 250,000 is followers of Ismailism, a branch of Shi'ite Islam, while most people in the rest of Tajikistan consider themselves Sunni Muslims.
As his father is the spiritual leader of the Shia denomination of Nizari Ismailism, Spears converted to Islamism ahead of the nuptials.
The more orthodox version of Nizari Ismailism, meanwhile, is still around, numbering as many as 15 million adherents and headed by the Aga Khan.
Mortada wrote that the soldiers he met in northern Lebanon are predominantly Sunnis, however they told him that Alawite, Christian and Kurdish officers have joined the Syrian Free Army in addition to others affiliated with Ismailism, which is a branch of Shia Islam.
He has published prolifically throughout his seven-decade career: His first scholarly article--on the origins of Ismailism, a branch of Shia Islam--came out in 1937 when he was 21, and his most recent book, The End of Modern History in the Middle East, hit bookstores earlier this year.