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(Plants) any aquatic tracheophyte plant of the genus Isoetes; quillwort
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Noun1.isoetes - type and genus of the Isoetaceae and sole extant genus of the order IsoetalesIsoetes - type and genus of the Isoetaceae and sole extant genus of the order Isoetales
fern genus - genera of ferns and fern allies
family Isoetaceae, Isoetaceae, quillwort family - quillworts; coextensive with the genus Isoetes
quillwort - any of several spore-bearing aquatic or marsh plants having short rhizomes and leaves resembling quills; worldwide except Polynesia
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Los lagos se encuentran altitudinalmente entre 3 200 y 3 600 msnm; en su zona litoral se observan rocas, raices de plantas terrestres, detritos, sedimento y plantas acuaticas principalmente de los generos Myriophyllum, Potamogeton, Elatine, Isoetes y Sphagnum.
(2005) for conflicting data on Isoetes. The majority of pteridophytes are shown to have an amoeboid tapetum (Parkinson & Pacini, 1995), however, many homosporous ferns have globular bodies in their sporangial locules that were considered to be homologous to orbicules in spermatophytes (Lugardon, 1981).
Adamec, "The incidence of arbuscular mycorrhiza in two submerged Isoetes species," Aquatic Botany, vol.
Constant species: Isoetes echinospora, Potamogeton perfoliatus, Subularia aquatica.
Por otra parte, algunas especies que restringen su area a zonas de alta montana, como Callitriche heterophylla, Isoetes mexicana, Jaegeria glabra, Ranunculus hydrocharoides y R.
Isoetes melanopoda, Croomia pauciflora, Brickellia cordifolia, and Stewartia malacodendron were not re-located.
In the latter case, for example, no species of Isoetes were reported for Mississippi in 1969, and today three are recognized, with the potential of several more.