adv.1.In an isolated manner.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Located isolatedly on a beautiful island in the tourism city of Nha Trang, MerPerle Hon Tam Resort is somewhat a destination of your-must choice for a hideaway from the bustling city life, a seek for couple romance or simply a family rest and relax or even any reasons.
Nevertheless, clinical aspects discussed isolatedly showed us the dichotomous aspect (based on the presence-absence of diseases) of the researches (10), as well as their biomedical and unidirectional aspects (focused on the expert).
The irregular, rectangular, and rhombic L-type FIs are dominated and isolatedly distribute with the size of 3~10 [micro]m and liquid phase filling percentage of 70~90% (Figure 8(g)).
It was seen that when MN was isolatedly cut it was usually associated with cut flexor of IF, MF, Cut FCR & PL whereas injury to UN was associated with injury to flexor of LF, RF &FCU.
These results indicated that the head's fresh mass could be used isolatedly for selection of a higher number of plants in order to reduce time and cost.
We cannot assert and sustain that knowledge about costs alone is isolatedly the main factor that affects the budgeting performance of managers; the study of isolated variables, inductively, allows us, however, to understand findings more widely, thereby contributing to improving the understanding the managerial performance topic.
During World War II, the huge dielectric constants of piezoelectric ceramics materials were isolatedly discovered in the United States, Japan, and the Soviet Union by researching the materials to improve capacitor of devices [1].
The authors conclude that it is necessary to establish a context to teach pronunciation rather than teaching it isolatedly and meaninglessly.
(21) Obesity is considered a global epidemic, and the World Health Organization (22, 23) describes it as multifactorial, originating either isolatedly or from the interaction of genetic, social, cultural, nutritional, metabolic and/or endocrine factors.