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A trademark for a neonatal incubator.
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"They need to be in an isolette, generally with humidity somewhere between 50% and 70%--you don't want it too high, because they can overheat.
Noise levels in neonatal intensive care unit and use of sound absorbing panel in the isolette. International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology.
Some NEPDC supported products on the market include Circadiance's Sleep-Weaver Advance Pediatric soft cloth CPAP mask, which provides pressure ventilation therapy to children without causing facial sores and ulcers, and the ROHO Dry Flotation Isolette, a pressure relief overlay sized for infants, intended for those at high risk of ischemic ulcer development.
She was covered with abrasions and so much tubing that Fei could barely see her through the glass-walled Isolette in which she lay with her arms "flopped out, palms up in the manner of a victim surrendering."
The one meager satisfaction of the ache to hold my child was accomplished by reaching through a small window of the isolette and grasping his tiny hand, the only part of him that didn't seem covered and invaded by alien tubes, IV lines, and wires.
"What really sets Alan apart from other doctors and researchers are his experiences on the other side of the isolette and his realization that the preemie parent journey is an incredibly frightening one," Mr.
The isolette provides a warm, quiet, controlled environment.
Newborns were strapped, splayed in an isolette, under bright lights.
Prevention of skin breakdown is accomplished with infants via mittens, sheepskin coverings for the crib or isolette, and frequent diaper changes.
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