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(Physical Geography) a line on a map connecting places registering the same amount or ratio of some geographical or meteorological phenomenon or phenomena. Also called: isogram or isoline
[C20: from Greek isoplēthēs equal in number, from iso- + plēthos multitude, great number]
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(ˈaɪ səˌplɛθ)

a line drawn on a map through all points having the same numerical value, as of a population figure or geographic measurement.
[1905–10; < German Isoplethe (1877) < Greek isoplēthḗs equal in number]
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Noun1.isopleth - a line drawn on a map connecting points having the same numerical value of some variable
isobar - (meteorology)an isogram connecting points having equal barometric pressure at a given time
isochrone - an isogram connecting points at which something occurs or arrives at the same time
isoclinal, isoclinic line - an isogram connecting points of equal magnetic inclination
isohel - an isogram connecting points receiving equal amounts of sunshine
isotherm - (meteorology) an isogram connecting points having the same temperature at a given time
line - a spatial location defined by a real or imaginary unidimensional extent
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(2016) investigated novice interpretation of contour lines on topographic maps, a representation we consider analogous to isopleths and disembedding patterns on surface and upper-air maps.
The yield isopleths (Lc/La) of this fish was 0.57, and its growth performance and longevity were 2.50 and 5.56, respectively.
Estimates of the 95% KDE isopleths between both field sites averaged ([+ or -]se) 9.73 [+ or -] 1.74 [km.sup.2] (range 1.95-26.78 [km.sup.2]).
The yield isopleths shown in Figure 9 envisage the response of Lc=0.28 and E=0.46.
boddartiwasunder-fishing as the yield isopleths with Lc/L[?] being 0.77 and E being 0.14 (Fig.3b) failedinto quadrant A, one of four quadrants of the yield contour.Itsexploitation rate (E = 0.14) is less than the maximum exploitation rate (Emax = 0.737), indicating that the B.
(2) if the source quarry is monotonically variable with horizontal isopleths, the physical and chemical parameters of the headstones will be bounded by these parameters in the walls of the quarry, perhaps even perfectly matched in the walls and loose quarried blocks, and the ages will match precisely;
We defined the study area as the combined 99% FK isopleths for all weasel locations.
The information shows an important spatial-temporal dynamic in this variable southward 32[degrees]S, where isopleths of 25 and 26 mm CL show a displacement in the south-to-north axis since 2001, similar to the behaviour of the isopleth of relative abundance of 120 kg km-[linear.sup.-1] mentioned above.
To recognize the zonal patterns and gradients during the year, the annual cycle of the three important descriptive climate variables, potential temperature, specific humidity, and the surface level winds, was depicted along the gradient of the nine stations, from the coast to the eastern escarpment of the Andes in form of isopleths. By this, variations of climate gradients during different times of the year and day were recognized and underlying processes identified.
However, the spatial point data is generally irregular as well as discretely geo-referenced in space and therefore requires spatial interpolation for mapping isopleths. Geostatistical kriging method was chosen and provided by ArcGis 9 (ESRI).
This graphic is created by extracting the prevailing visibility from all of the observations, mapping them to a grid, and drawing isopleths. The downside is that mathematical noise must be removed to prevent illegible, jagged lines, and this is done by smoothing.
However differences in SDAS with the different silicon contents can be an effect of solidification range, as it can be seen in the Al-ZnSi isopleths in equilibrium of Figure 6.