Isothermal line

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An isotherm
A line drawn on a diagram of energy such that its ordinates represent the pressures of a substance corresponding to various volumes, while the absolute temperature is maintained at a constant value.

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Connection of points with the same temperature creates an isothermal line (in one-dimensional fields) or isothermal area (in multidimensional fields).
where grad T--temperature gradient, [DELTA]T--temperature increment, [DELTA]no--direction of isothermal lines in the direction of the normal line.
2) Determine the time at the intercept between the isothermal line and each [alpha] curve;
Temperature distribution and isothermal line form change and depend on the EB radius.
The first graph shows the temperature values and their distribution in the area under consideration, while the second graph shows the condition of the isothermal lines which appear inside the thermal field.
A significant modification is connected to isothermal lines and temperature values within the area under discussion.
The presence of an air pocket is suggested by the fact that isothermal lines for both upward and downward filling are very similar except in the step-shape corner region.