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Noun1.Israel Baline - United States songwriter (born in Russia) who wrote more than 1500 songs and several musical comedies (1888-1989)
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| 1888: Songwriter Irving Berlin was born as Israel Baline in Siberia.
Other notable passengers included a young Golda Meir, who would one day be Israel's fourth prime minister; the father of Fred Astaire; and the five-year-old Israel Baline, later to become the songwriter Irving Berlin.
1888: Songwriter Irving Berlin was born as Israel Baline in Russia: his family moved to the US when he was five, fleeing anti-Jewish pogroms.
1888: Songwriter Irving Berlin born as Israel Baline in Siberia.
Which takes us to their creators: Israel Baline, a Russian Jew born in 1888, fleeing the terrible pogroms against his race to arrive in New York when just five years old; and Charles Dickens, born in Portsmouth in 1812, surviving a traumatic childhood to become the great chronicler of 19th-century life.
Billy Clark Jeff Daniels Dixie Wilson Rachel York Israel Baline Jonah Rawitz/Matthew Gold Manny Wexler; Max Dreyfus, Moses Baline Ron Orbach Phyllis Wexler, Lily Van Deusen Rachel de Benedet Shirley, Lena Baline Rebecca Finnegan Harry Van Deusen Kevin Gudahl Premiering at Chicago's Goodman Theater, wispy new jukebox tuner "Turn of the Century" floats along on a thin time-traveling premise and a series of occasionally cute quips.

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