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(ˈɪzrəˌfiːl) ,




(Koran) Koran the archangel who will sound the trumpet on the Day of Judgment, heralding the end of the world


(ˈɪz rəˌfil)

(in Islamic myth) the angel who will sound the trumpet announcing the end of the world.
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Roksana Yasmin Suty, MP and Jebunnesa Afroz, MP, Advocate Hosne Ara Lutfa Dalia, Director General (Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training (BMET) Md Selim Reza and among others, addressed the discussion with Israfil Alam, MP, in the chair.
The artists who showed their skills performed on the first day were Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Mhammad Khan Nay Player, Sheema Kirmani, Naghma-e- Israfil from Gilgit Baltistan, Papu Sain, Tehseen Sakina and Arif Lohar.
Members of editorial staff of the Encyclopedia are Professor Timuchin Afandiyev, Farah Aliyeva, Ilham Rahimli, Maryam Alizade, Israfil Israfilov and Aydin Talibzadeh.
Health and Family Welfare Minister Mohammad Nasim yesterday disclosed the figure in the parliament while replying to a written question of treasury bench member Shamim Osman on behalf of M Israfil Alam.
Then Israfil will blow one time on the Trumpet, and the souls will fly about due to this blow of the horn, going back to their bodies.
Similarly, in another separate incident another person Yar Mohammad son of Israfil the resient of Chichna Was killed by the unknown persons on the Kohat Indus High way in the jurisdictions of Muslim Abad.
ADIS in reply were reduced to 29 for three in five overs before Abhishek Prakash, who hit a run-a-ball 23 and the opener Mohammed Israfil (21) tried to revive their innings with a 31-run stand for the fifth wicket.
29, 52); Israfil identified with Rafael instead of Seraphiel (p.
Such people as Hazi Aslanov (twice the Hero of the Soviet Union), other Heroes of the Soviet Union - Israfil Mammadov, Aslan Vezirov, Adil Guliyev, Ziya Bunyatov, Geray Asadov, Melik Maharramov and Mehdi Huseynzadeh, generals Mahmud Abilov, Akim Abbasov, Tarlan Aliyarbeyov and Hajibala Zeynalov and many others brought honor to the history of the Azerbaijani people.
We are at advanced stage of negotiations (over buying property abroad)," Israfil Mammadov told Reuters in an interview.
Otros angeles citados son Miguel (Mikail), responsable de la lluvia, e Israfil, quien tocara la trompeta en el Dia del Juicio Final, y senalara a las almas la vida eterna en el paraiso o en el infierno; ademas ordenara que 700 seres angelicos jalen 70,000 cuerdas, Munkar y Nakir interrogaran a los muertos en sus tumbas.
Israfil Erbil, the lead of the Alevi Cultural Centre in Dalston, East London, tried to explain why some Kurdish/Turkish immigrants in Britain turned to a life of crime.