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Noun1.Isaac Newton - English mathematician and physicistIsaac Newton - English mathematician and physicist; remembered for developing the calculus and for his law of gravitation and his three laws of motion (1642-1727)
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Devnani deserves a Bharat Ratna for discovering that the law of gravity was, in fact, discovered by Indian scientist Brahmagupta II one thousand years before Issac Newton. I am so proud to be an Indian and lucky to have been not hit by the Newton apple.
Some academics at the annual Indian Science Congress, inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, had dismissed the discoveries of Issac Newton and Albert Einstein.
Similarly, Einstein's second famous 'Theory of General Relativity' took its roots from the Law of Gravitation which was put forward by Issac Newton.
Issac Newton and Albert Einstein did their great work in their 20s, as did Richard Feynman.
They include luminaries such as Issac Newton, Charles Darwin and Stephen Hawkins.
Synopsis: An interdisciplinary enthusiast and intellectual giant in a number of disciplines, Issac Newton published revolutionary, field-defining works that reached across the scientific spectrum, including the Principia Mathematica and Opticks.
When Sir Issac Newton asked," why doesn't the apple go upward instead of falling down?
It was 100 years old when Macbeth ascended the throne of Scotland and 720 years old when Issac Newton formulated his laws on motion.
WHILE Tony McCoy was contesting his final Grand National at Aintree in April, here's how the Derby market looked: 4-1 John F Kennedy, 8-1 Ol' Man River, 10-1 Highland Reel, 12-1 Elm Park, 14-1 Jamaica, 16-1 Giovanni Canaletto, Sir Issac Newton.
Issac Newton famously said: "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."