Isthmus of Corinth

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Noun1.Isthmus of Corinth - a narrow isthmus between the Gulf of Corinth and the Saronic Gulf; a canal crosses the isthmus so that navigation is possible between the gulfs
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Avoiding therefore Nemea on the Isthmus of Corinth, to which he supposed the oracle to refer, Hesiod retired to Oenoe in Locris where he was entertained by Amphiphanes and Ganyetor, sons of a certain Phegeus.
He was full of grandiose pledges of infrastructure projects, such as a scheme to cut through the Isthmus of Corinth.
Participants in the fourth Cyprus Sup Cup will compete for a place in the final race in Greece by crossing the unique Isthmus of Corinth.
Pettegrew presents readers with a comprehensive examination of the history of trade, culture, and commerce on the Isthmus of Corinth from the initial presence of the Romans in Greece during the Hellenistic period through to the major shifts in the Roman Empire during late antiquity.
2) Corinth became once again the commercial center of the Aegean Peninsula as merchants sailing from one end of the Empire to the other chose to ferry their goods across the Isthmus of Corinth rather than risk the dangerous seas south of the Cape of Malea.
Koester values what archaeological sites contribute to New Testament interpretation; his essays here look at Thessalonica, the cult of Isis and Serapis in Pergamom, and at Melikertes in the Isthmus of Corinth.
1) The Isthmus of Corinth provided overland passage from southern to central Greece, and linked the Corinthian Gulf, leading to Italy and the west, with the Saronic Gulf, giving access to the Aegean Sea, Anatolia, and the Levant to the east (Fig.
Another announcement from Nazi headquarters was that on Saturday German parachute troops occupied the isthmus of Corinth and the town of C orinth.