It's around the corner

It's around the corner 
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The global economy is improving, the time will come, and I think it's around the corner, there will be a lot of moving goods through ships.'
But Christkindlmarket remains at the heart of the purpose for the parking study, and it's around the corner.
He says: "I wouldn't say Liverpool are entitled to success, but I think it's around the corner anyway.
"This is something [Kuwaiti companies in the UAE] need to be equipped for, it's around the corner and so many people are still in denial," Bourisly said.
"It's around the corner, this is where you want to be at this time of the year."
The Weather WHEN is the summer coming It's around the corner they say But I've just got soaked to the skin So I don't think it's coming today The weather man says sun is on its way Lets hope it gets here soon To have sunshine on our holidays Would certainly be a boon The flowers need some warm weather To bloom and stand up tall At the moment they bow their heads And lean against the wall The day arrives when the sun comes out And the garden looks a fright I'll weed the beds and cut the lawn Maybe then it'll not look such a sight But people are fickle creatures Though it's hot they still like to moan "I can't take this heat much longer," they say "I hope it'll soon be gone."
"It's around the corner from the famed McSurley's Ale House, two blocks away from Webster Hall and a block from the Orpheum Theatre."
He continued: "Yes, it's around the corner but they know full well that the Premier League is vital for us and the significance of these games coming up, you have to approach these games like cup finals as well." McLeish, who insisted his likely line-up to take on Arsenal for the Carling Cup was not 'set in stone', added: "Not every player can be played in every game.
"I don't know if it's around the corner, but hopefully it's about three weeks away."

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