It's cloudy

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It's cloudy   
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The lighting system is activated as you enter a room, and it's metered to where it measures ambient light and adjusts light settings based on whether it's cloudy or sunny outside.
And with the weather forecast promising dry, bright spells with highs of 16C, Mr Connolly warned: "It is important to have sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher with UVA protection to apply it even if it's cloudy.
Because of this, it's important for adults and children to wear sunglasses when it's cloudy and throughout the year, not just in summer.
When it's cloudy, the fish might roam a short distance away from these objects.
The longawaited solar eclipse will plunge the skies into darkness on Friday morning - unless it's cloudy.
So be sure to wear your sunglasses whenever you spend time outside, even in the winter months or when it's cloudy as there is still UV present.
If they don't identify that it's cloudy, why would they carry an umbrella?
According to folklore, if it's cloudy when a groundhog emerges from its burrow on this day, then spring will come early.
Well I have solar lights in my garden and they don't recharge and come on when it's cloudy.
Leaving a window open simply isn't enough, and in-car temperatures rise quickly, even if it's cloudy.
I take a reading with my light meter, which tells me [how long to leave the shutter open]-usually about one to six seconds, depending on the subject and whether it's cloudy or sunny out.
If it's cloudy, the clouds will be dark rather than bright yellow.