It's dark

It's dark   
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You were hard done by that once, Master Marner, and it seems as you'll never know the rights of it; but that doesn't hinder there being a rights, Master Marner, for all it's dark to you and me."
Therefore, I think they won't start until it's dark, probably from three or four different bases.
"You've no idea how difficult uneven ground is when it's dark."
"Well, now, Marfa Petrovna, now is the time for you to turn up; it's dark, and the very time and place for you.
'Sometimes it rains, and we creep under a boat or the like of that: sometimes it's dark, and we get among the gaslights, sitting watching the people as they go along the streets.
Our friend the bloodhound is hanging about the corner near the pillar-box; look through my window, it's dark in there, and tell me who he is."
"Dear me," said Marks, fidgeting, "it'll be--I say," he said, walking to the window, "it's dark as a wolf's mouth, and, Tom--"
'So it's blowing, and sleeting, and threatening snow; and it's dark, and very cold, is it, my dear?' said Mr.
Quibi founder Jeffrey Katzenberg, said Spielberg, inset, undertook the venture on condition people will only be able to watch it when it's dark outside.
The Big Dot front sights use a colored glow dot that absorbs light, causing the sight to glow before it's dark enough to see the tritium center.
It's dark. It's the middle of the night and I am awoken by someone on top of me SENATOR LYNN RUANE in her book people like me
When it's dark, you cannot see where you are going - are they going to wait until someone gets knocked down?