It's dark

It's dark   
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Therefore, I think they won't start until it's dark, probably from three or four different bases.
You've no idea how difficult uneven ground is when it's dark.
Sometimes it rains, and we creep under a boat or the like of that: sometimes it's dark, and we get among the gaslights, sitting watching the people as they go along the streets.
Our friend the bloodhound is hanging about the corner near the pillar-box; look through my window, it's dark in there, and tell me who he is.
So it's blowing, and sleeting, and threatening snow; and it's dark, and very cold, is it, my dear?
To those complaining about why is it so dark, oh, it's dark already, look how dark it is outside, why is it so cold, isn't it cold, God it's cold, I think I paraphrase Oscar Wilde when I say: *BLOWS BIG WET RASPBERRY*.
We could look around town, Without counting down, How long we had left in the car park, The ladies could look around shops, For skirts and for tops, They could shop from dawn 'til it's dark.
Stat: 75 percent of teen pedestrian deaths occur between 7pm and 7am, when it's dark out.
What to do: Sorry, but you can't ignore the calories in chocolate, whether it's dark or not.
They said then it was dark days for the League of Ireland, well I'll tell you - looking at some of the pitches this year, it's dark days.
And there's the time when it's dark With my nightcap on my head I don't know if I'm retiring Or just getting out of bed
It's dark blue and an hourglass figure, which looks great with a massive silver diamante jewellery piece I've got.