It's engaged

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It's engaged 
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It's a pity it's engaged in Paleozoic-era technology such as coal.
It was upgraded in November 2016 to give the driver a more noticeable signal when it's engaged. It also requires drivers to touch the steering wheel more frequently as an added safety feature to guard against sleepy drivers.
Now, it's engaged in making a mark in education, R&D, clean energy, and technology.
It's important that Nigeria's concerns are taken seriously and that it's engaged on these issues to ensure that negative consequences are ameliorated or addressed."
Perhaps it's a tribute to the inevitable nature of American force, once it's engaged, that the fall of Raqqa last week provoked so little public discussion.
It's engaged in the development of mobile applications and Augmented Reality solutions.
Delta is collaborating with its joint venture partner airlines to ensure customers can view availability on combined itineraries, and it's engaged with distribution partners to allow Delta Comfort+ to be displayed and purchased through travel agents and in consumer direct shopping displays.
The engine control unit (ECU] automatically manages SPC when it's engaged. Each of the four power modes will function with SPC engaged or disengaged; however, SPC can be active only in digging work mode.
As developers of infrastructure, it's engaged in projects on a BOT, BOO or PPP basis.
However, if there's no flow, check the camshaft to see if it's engaged with the motor.
Additionally, the frame-mounted manual safety does not lock the slide when it's engaged. For the modern consumer this feature is actually a good thing, because it enables the shooter to charge the chamber from a loaded magazine while at the same time keeping the safety on.