It's foggy

It's foggy   
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sports travel going skiing FLIGHT DELAYS IT'S foggy. It's snowing.
and their problems and when it's foggy what's blocking
If it's foggy then it is likely going to be cool, which means that condensation may build up on the inside of your car.
It's foggy, but the orange light emanating from the window on the tallest tower is really pretty, like a soft-glowing planet hovering bizarrely close to earth.
And just looking out of your windshield when it's foggy in Bahrain, it's clear that he is not alone with this belief.
If the stone is invisible that means that it's foggy, while if it's swaying to and fro then it's windy.
You squint, trying to make out what the hazard was, only to discover that it's warning you of something you already knew: it's foggy. Obviously the alert system is designed to reduce the amount of accidents, because as we all know, fog can be very treacherous on the roads.
It's there in the name - not just to say it's foggy today or if you want to let everyone know you are a bad driver.
The above analysis explains the current situation in Egypt: it's foggy and unclear where things are heading.
"Though it's foggy, we still decided to come back and see it.
Now, especially if it's foggy, you could be among big ships and wind turbines once the wind farm is going."

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