It's freezing

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It's freezing 
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It's freezing already, and we don't often get such a chance in England.
It's freezing but I am going out in shorts and T-shirt," he joked.
Even though it's freezing, you're seeing people come out and support the community.
I grew up in Washington - it's freezing in that ocean.
Ice storm rolls from Texas to Tennessee--I'm in Los Angeles and it's freezing.
It's unbelievable to come out, it's freezing cold, the chance of getting ill - it's a good effort.
But of course they won't because Mexican telly, doubtless like TV in every country round the world bar one, couldn't give two hoots whether it's freezing or frying.
But despite temperatures due to reach a maximum of 7C today, the windchill factor will mean it will again feel as if it's freezing.
It's freezing but she looks totally tough to it - as if her essence has retreated to deep inside her body where it's completely safe from the elements.
SCORCHING 30 degree temperatures on a tropical beach while it's freezing in Blackpool?
Why should tax evaders get off scot-free whilst thousands of the poorest families in Wales are forced to go to food banks to feed their children, or go without heating when it's freezing outside?