It's noisy

It's noisy   
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"I enjoyed it with Hibs, it's a great atmosphere, it's noisy, it's red hot, it's colourful and it's a derby.
However, it's fun, it's fast, it's noisy and, with the 2+2 configuration and room for 3 flight cases, it's practical; Great work from the Maranello team.
But if you play late on a sunday afternoon it's noisy. it's what you want."
Three bowhunters could shoot the same new bow and one would say it's noisy, another would call it quiet, and the third would think it's somewhere in between.
It's noisy under acceleration but settles down nicely on a cruise though, of course, there's a fair bit of wind and road noise because of the beefy aerodynamics and chunky tyres.
It's noisy and anthemic in equal measure and has a real potential to open up to a much bigger audience.
It's noisy and intense in this setting, possibly challenging for new listeners to get under the skin of what they're doing, but it's tight and compelling.
You need to understand it's noisy in my head these days.
It's helpful to lead with enthusiasm rather than with apologies, as in, "I'm sorry it's noisy, but it's hard to control these teens." I also like to stand out a little with my clothes--like the time I made a dress from photos of our library shelves.
"It's noisy, warm, there's lots of chat, lots of eating - there's always a lot of talk of diets within Jewish community, and I think that's because we have Christmas dinner pretty much every week," she laughs.
However, some believed that it was done on purpose because there are constantly planes flying over Windsor Castle and it's noisy. It might distract the guests as well as the bride and groom as they exchange their vows.

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