It's not far

It's not far 
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'Oh!' said Tom, 'if it is a secret, it's not far off.
The name of this rock is called the Skerryvore, and it's not far from where we suffered ship-wreck.
Polaris calls its Slingshot tricycle a three-wheeled sports car, and it's not far from the truth.
It's not far up the river from the new US Embassy, and while Donald Trump famously sulked about the move ("bad deal!"), we found this four-star hotel a very handy base for London.
THE NEIGHBOURHOOD It's not far up the river from the new US Embassy.
"We've seen over the last decade more [of them] taking on 3(16) administrator duties; it's not far beyond that to sponsoring multiple employer plans."
Location-wise, it's not far from a range shops, restaurants and cafes in nearby Stranmillis and the Lisburn Road.
Malta 0 Spain 3 4 MALTA away isn't quite the shoo-in it used to be, but it's not far off.
It's not far from the now-derelict Newcastle House pub.
"Although we've moved, it's not far for our customers to go and they are all fine with it.
For a Welshman it's not far off being the be-all and end-all type of game.
It's not far. But yet, very far for me, because I can't go home.'

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