It's not far

It's not far 
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The name of this rock is called the Skerryvore, and it's not far from where we suffered ship-wreck.
0 from May; but, it's not far from the record high 70.
I've seen enough good things in my game over the past few weeks to know it's not far away.
It's not as big as the London Eye but it's not far off.
Featuring two massive outlet malls and a European-style village named after Provence, France, it's not far from South Korea's only "enemy cemetery" where North Korean and Chinese soldiers are buried.
Location-wise it's not far from Tempo village and just a few minutes drive from bustling county town Enniskillen.
We have a record we're incredibly excited about and it's not far away from being ready.
While lack of trust and balance of power between Sunnis and Shias ignited sectarian war, it's not far that the war will be waged in post-ISIS era in another form while Iranian-led Shia Popular Mobilization Units is ready to fight.
Even if you don't do the theme parks, it's not far to the Space Centre and you can head to the Everglades or Miami.
But one thing about this World Cup is it's in England and Wales, so it's not far away and the games won't be turned into big events - they'll fly over and back, and not make a big fuss.
I've not quite finished the blue around the edges but it's not far off after the best part of a week.

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