It's not far

It's not far 
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'Oh!' said Tom, 'if it is a secret, it's not far off.
The name of this rock is called the Skerryvore, and it's not far from where we suffered ship-wreck.
It's not far up the river from the new US Embassy, and while Donald Trump famously sulked about the move ("bad deal!"), we found this four-star hotel a very handy base for London.
THE NEIGHBOURHOOD It's not far up the river from the new US Embassy.
"We've seen over the last decade more [of them] taking on 3(16) administrator duties; it's not far beyond that to sponsoring multiple employer plans."
Location-wise, it's not far from a range shops, restaurants and cafes in nearby Stranmillis and the Lisburn Road.
Malta 0 Spain 3 4 MALTA away isn't quite the shoo-in it used to be, but it's not far off.
It's not far from the now-derelict Newcastle House pub.
"Although we've moved, it's not far for our customers to go and they are all fine with it.
For a Welshman it's not far off being the be-all and end-all type of game.
It's not far. But yet, very far for me, because I can't go home.'

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