It's quite expensive

It's quite expensive 
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Yup, it's quite expensive in the country of 7,107 islands.
Meghan Markle's engagement ring was personally designed by her fiancAaAaAe Prince Harry, and it's quite expensive.
But it's quite expensive, and I can only pray for kindhearted people to sponsor my son's education.
South Africa is quite a long way to go and it's quite expensive.
We are quite lucky that the Forestry Commission chose us to have the trail, as I believe it's quite expensive and we're a small site.
If you're just going there to get a dress made, it's quite expensive as well.
416 Rigby ammo is probably more available in Africa, although he says it's quite expensive.
It's quite expensive to eat healthily but it makes more difference to your skin and body, so I think it's worth it.
Another reader commented:Ce"It's nice that the tram will operate soon but it's quite expensive.
Surely it's quite expensive to get this handy gadget produced, but that price point just isn't low enough for mainstream success.
They are apparently running to time more often now that people are finally realising that it's quite expensive to hog the bus lanes.
Nice to add shine, but it's quite expensive and I've had just as good results from cheaper products, so I probably wouldn't buy it.

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