It's raining

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It's raining   
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Oh, my dear, it's raining cats and dogs outside!...Apart from that, Christine, I think I am subject to hallucinations....You know, the man who rang at the siren's door just now--go and look if he's ringing at the bottom of the lake-well, he was rather like.
Sharing his agony, a local resident Naushad Ahmed told ANI, "Since three days it's raining and the entire city is drowning.
Flaming June has not started so good The sun is not shining as it should It's raining heavy and often overcast One wanders how long this awful weather will last Sunshine makes us feel better without a doubt And yes the sun we cannot do without A little more sunshine would suit us all fine As we do not get a lot in Newcastle upon Tyne Tomorrow the forecasters say the weather will be fine I will be happy as long as its not raining at the same time There is no escaping our British weather And in the future it can only get hotter and wetter GEORGE MCLANDERS
On a plus note at least he missed Noel Gallagher David Taylor The event is too big nowadays to let things like this slide , all wheelchair users should have access and good access at that whether or not it's raining...
But with Rite in the Rain's new Storm Flat Dark Earth Pen, you can fill out your tag with ease--no matter the temperature or angle and even while it's raining. The pen's patented, pressurized cartridge keeps ink flowing smoothly in extreme conditions.
An old callin' pro once said, "All these guys think they have to kill ducks when it's raining pitchforks, but you give me a little sun, and we're gonna shoot some birds." Come rain or shine, the GHG Pro-Grade XDs, well, shine.
'The sun is out, the sky is blue, there's not a cloud to spoil the view but it's raining, raining in my heart,' from Buddy Holly.
It's raining in my daughter's belly and there are more
It is even dangerous to access the mines at that hour when it's raining," Maalim said.
this is the view from my other window and you clearly see that it's raining ice
"I wanted a little dog so that if it's raining he wouldn't want to go out.
Rain IT'S raining again we moan and sigh, The sun has gone, clouds fill the sky.

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