It's six o'clock

It's six o'clock   
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"Well," he said, "When I don't get up that early the next thing I know it's six o'clock and not a thing done."
It's six o'clock in the morning and you've got small bairns with you - it's no time to do a George Best and Ollie Reed tribute act.
"And he says, 'Just warning you it's very early, it's six o'clock in the morning, but you won the Oscar'.
IT'S six o'clock on a Sunday evening - not exactly, you might think, a peak time for traffic.
"It's six o'clock on Monday, September 15, you're listening to the Today program on Radio 4, and here are the headlines..."
"The interviewer said, 'It's six o'clock, and you're going to go on that night.
Like, I was up this morning early, I took my kids to school, I spent two hours working, I'm talking to you, I'm going to go home, I have another meeting, then I'm going to work probably three to six, then I'll be up to five hours, and then it's six o'clock, then after dinner I'll work another two or three hours.
Randy DuBurke provides fine color illustrations to accompany WHEN IT'S SIX O'CLOCK IN SAN FRANCISCO: A TRIP THROUGH TIME ZONES.
It's six o'clock in the evening and you've just gotten home from a nasty commute, but when you walk in the front door expecting kitty to be expectantly waiting, she's not there.
It's six o'clock, you've just had tea, it's not quite bathtime and the kids need more bouncing before bed.
IT'S six o'clock in the morning, you are dog-tired, sweaty, irritable and miserable because your holiday is over but the worst is still to come - Grotwick!