It's snowing

It's snowing   
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It's snowing - I'll never get in to work in this!" But then these countries have predictable, heavy snowfall every winter so plan and budget accordingly.
Peep and Ducky: It's Snowing! is a rhyming story that will appeal to younger readers.
Anne Scott THE kids miss out on vital education if they're off for couple of days on holiday but if it's snowing...
"It's snowing hard, Max, and it's really dark outside!"
Galyat Development Authority (GDA) has also issued advisory for the tourists and locals to avoid unnecessary travel as the road is slippery after continuous snowfall and rain and use iron chain during the travel in Galyat while it's snowing.
"It's also got its own voice box, a sound system including sound Dare you ride the effects, and there's a snow machine which blows snow up into the central roof so when you're going round the outside you get the effect that it's snowing over you."
Sometimes the mums live miles from the nearest hospital, sometimes it's snowing, sometimes the air ambulance just can't get to the mum...
Alice Smith said: "All this 'schools shut, don't travel to work' stuff because it's snowing? Pathetic.
According to the 22-year-old actor, 'It's a Swedish and Finnish tradition na you get butt naked in a hot tub, sauna muna kasi it's snowing outside then you go to the hot tub.
A young penguin raises his voice and laments: morning comes too soon, the colony is squawking, it's snowing and the light is too bright, the ocean smells too salty, the sea is full of predators, and the list of what's wrong with his lot goes on and on--until--a walrus, who has overheard our young hero, suggests that the latter tries seeing things from a different viewpoint.
Martin Bell AYOU'VE got it the wrong way round, they're far more fun when it's snowing or raining!

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