It's sore

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It's sore   
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It's raw and it's sore. I have been involved in a result like that here before and it still hurts me.
it's sore and there are no magic words to take away that soreness."
"Brookesy has a tight groin, it's not an injury as such but it's sore. During the early part of the week we will have to look after him.
I got the all clear in that department, although it's sore at the moment."
It's sore. The more I watch the replay, it pissed me off.
"In the short-term it's sore, it's tough, it's a big thing to handle, but it doesn't mean that in the longterm that good things won't happen here.
"It's sore. The problem is that it's on my bowling hand, so it's not as if you can hide it.
It's sore hands and cold feet and skinned knuckles and cracked lips and loved ones asking why the hell you do it.
"I will probably get a smack on the nose early in the Scotland game, but it's sore most of the time anyway.
"It's sore at the bottom of his foot at the minute," added Lambert.
"My back was playing up a bit, it's sore after that race.

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