It's sore

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It's sore   
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Let's remember, he fractured his ankle and he's gone over on it and it's sore at the moment.
It's sore hands and cold feet and skinned knuckles and cracked lips and loved ones asking why the hell you do it.
I hit my head off the floor and injured it, I fell on my "side and it's sore.
I will probably get a smack on the nose early in the Scotland game, but it's sore most of the time anyway.
My back was playing up a bit, it's sore after that race.
His right shoulder hasn't popped out of place, but it's sore.
It's swollen, it's sore, it's bruised but it bends okay so we'll find out tomorrow when it's properly checked out," O'Brien said.
If it's sore or gets in the way of having sex, then you can have it removed.
It's sore, the court is gritty and the ball was bouncing very low.
I've never had an injury like this before and it's sore.
His agent Cairan O'Toole said: "I believe a horse stood on his foot and it's sore.

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