It's stormy

It's stormy   
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Our data shows there are nearly double the number of near-collisions when the weather conditions are clear than when it's stormy," said Del Lisk, vice president of Safety Services for Lytx.
The event is to be held weather permitting, so if it's stormy, tune in to your local radio station before you set out.
It's a very dramatic way to start the evening's programme, it's stormy and dramatic" said Dougie.
It's gorgeous when it's sunny but it's also beautiful when it's stormy.
You should also try to sit down in a boat as often as possible and never go out when it's stormy or one is likely to blow up.
It's right over the propeller, so when it's stormy and the propeller is out of the water, the noise is deafening.
Living in Scotland is a bit like a marriage - sometimes a lot of rain falls, sometimes it's stormy.

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