It's stuck

It's stuck   
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For I'n niver forgot how you looked when you fretted about the books bein' gone; it's stuck by me as if it was a pictur hingin' before me.
Instead they should remove any burnt clothing or jewellery from the area, unless it's stuck to the skin and he recommends rinsing the wound with clean, room temperature water for 15 to 20 minute - not cold water or ice.
He revealed on Twitter: "Canny believe am heading to A&E cause av swallowed PS1 when on it Saturday 'n canny eat cause it's stuck in ma chest."
"It's stuck with me a lot," she said of the discovery in Towyn, Conwy.
He finds a box with a tasty treat inside but it's stuck up a ramp out of reach.
But just because the fair is old doesn't mean it's stuck in its ways.
Twenty years ago I was tutored by an exceptional, very professional traffic officer who got me interested in vehicle crime and cloning - and it's stuck with me ever since."
Look at the death penalty bill, until now it's stuck there, gathering mold.)
Far from calmly competent, her Tory ship is unsteady - weak and wobbly, it's stuck on the rocks.
Does your site still look like it's stuck in the Internet of the Cy90s?

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