It's sunny

It's sunny   
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A survey by a sex toy company found that a quarter of Brits have more sex when it's sunny.
Even though it's sunny, you know it would be unwise to go out without a coat - and that's the way we should treat good economic news.
Speaking in Yoruba language, she said she must have to vote since she is still alive and healthy to walk without minding the distant or the weather, either it's sunny or raining.#
Love it when it's sunny Or love the cold, wet rain.
Its installation follows intu's happiness survey, which reveals that 90 per cent of Scots feel happier when it's sunny.
It's sunny Los Angeles in September but I can't stop thinking about Christmas," he said while wearing a Santa hat.
They're in her garden and it's sunny, so already this GP appointment is going better than usual.
Belgium milk chocolate ice creams PS3 for three from M&S Zesty orange ice cream dipped in a rich chocolate shell is hard to resist when it's sunny...
Whether it's sunny, rainy or stormy, 'Gracians' will go and attend Gracenote's concerts as a show of support to their favorite group.
Coychurch Lower ward Councillor Elaine Venables (Independent) said: "It's not a surprise that when it's sunny, warm and rainy the grass grows because that happens every year.
But when it's sunny one day and freezing the next, it doesn't inspire you to buy any more summer clothes, does it?
"When the plane lands, it's sunny and bright, In Eretz Yisroel, my heart feels so light." In "I Go to Eretz Yisroel" the whole family goes to the Kosel, to Kever Rochel, and to Me'aras Hamachpeila.

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