It's sunny

It's sunny   
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Gavin Bisset: "I live in Carlisle now which is West and it's sunny today.
But when it's sunny one day and freezing the next, it doesn't inspire you to buy any more summer clothes, does it?
If it's sunny, there's plenty of outdoor seating where you can enjoy views of the hotel's stunning Italian Gardens.
When the plane lands, it's sunny and bright, In Eretz Yisroel, my heart feels so light.
When it's sunny in the region, it's dark and cloudy sometimes in Europe.
The Llandudno Junction smell by the Weekly News turns my stomach and makes me go green every time it's sunny.
Olivia said: "I haven't been in a few years so it's really nice and it's sunny today.
When it's sunny, or even just dry, I love to eat my dinner on a blanket on the grass and sip a glass of wine.
The breakfasts are legendary and, if it's sunny, the afternoon tea on the terrace with a glass of bubbly is a winner.
Perez said the country would continue to have similar weather in the next few days "when it's sunny in the morning, cloudy at midday and rainy in the afternoon or evening.

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