It's thawing

It's thawing 
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At Sedgefield, where the ground was described as soft with the odd frozen patch, clerk of the course Charlie Moore said: "We would struggle to race now on one small patch in the back straight, but it's thawing."
SOGGY: Try to avoid walking on the lawn while it's thawing SNOW TROUBLE: The heavy snow falls over the past few weeks didn't just cause problems for Teesside drivers.
On particularly festive nights - or movie nights - I grab a bag of it, and while it's thawing in a pot of warm water, I prep some seasonal vegetables and fresh (or freshly thawed) shrimp and cook some yakisoba noodles.
But, whether she likes it or not, it's thawing. Working at the butcher shop she inherited from her dad, Rosa finds her resistance weakening when it comes to advances from swaggering stud Victor (Steven Bauer), whose video-store is across the street--and whose oft-deceived wife isn't far away.
"It's thawing there at the moment which is not the best conditions for me.

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