It's too loud

It's too loud   
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"Compelled" will strengthen the gentle nudging in our spirit until it's too loud to ignore--until we as members of the Christian community are compelled to tell others, Christians and non-Christians alike, about the hope we have found in our faith.
It's then that you know that electronic music only gets you when it's too loud.
It's too loud. Like you can't wear that tie with the suit that you're wearing."
As a general rule, if someone standing a metre away from you can hear the music, it's too loud.
He added: "That's a rough recommendation to those listening 10 hours a day to an MP3 player but even an hour can be too much if it's too loud."
Worse than any of these was my overall opinion, voiced in a shouting manner to my pal, while covering my ears with my hands: 'IT'S TOO LOUD.'
THERE can't be many 77-year-olds who will have heard of the '80s German heavy metallers Accept, let alone the infamous assertion of their diminutive singer Udo Dirkschneider that: "If it's too loud, you're too old."
Sex, drugs and rock and roll used to be the slogan of rebel rock and rollers but as the hard rockers of years ago age, one might say that "If it's TOO LOUD, you are TOO OLD!" The Johnnys have abandoned the drug theme but sex, loud guitars, fast and frantic intensity is what drives them to breakneck speeds that will leave more than a few old timers thinking they may indeed be too old.
She said: "There was a horrible noise, and I thought it was thunder, but then I thought it can't be because it's too loud.
Now it has emerged some children are doing their schoolwork in the corridor as it's too loud for them in the hall.
If you go beyond that, it's too loud, and the noise starts to negatively affect creativity.It's the Goldilocks principle - the middle is just right.'
"You going to mosh, Mum?" "ErrC*think I'm a bit past all thatC*and they used to call it pogoing in my time." "Really, why?" But it's too loud for me to shout the explanation.