It's too small

It's too small   
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I've always fancied the sound of water in my garden but it's too small for a pond.
Everybody's set on the 5.56; it's OK for varmints, but for home defense it's too small. But people act like it's the greatest thing since sliced bread.
NASA has a Goldilocks problem: The plan announced by the space agency Monday to send astronauts to the moon in 2020, and establish a permanent lunar base by 2024, is too big, and it's too small.
""It's too small anyway, so we'll start looking for a new place in January."" Either that or get an Asbo slapped on those Dorks.
Peterborough isn't really his ideal track because it's too small for him and he stays further."
If it's too small, it's constricting and the foot doesn't operate properly.
"It's too small for practical use and produces negligible power," says Argonne's Roger Poeppel, "but it demonstrates .
It cannot be real - it's too small, and exquisitely formed, the pale blue translucent colour too perfect, and I know it wasn't there last night, when I switched off the pumps.
The 1991 winner summed up the Sheffield hall's charms, saying: "It's too small for the players, it's too small for the spectators and it's too small for television, but the sum of its parts means it's the best venue we play in."