It's very near

It's very near   
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It's not absolutely complete but it's very near to being complete.
It's very near the beautiful town of Marlborough - so there are shops and eateries nearby, too.
Take care coming out of the Eisteddfod, Robyn, it's very near to a border with England - you might not get back in, who knows?
Its a micro fuel cell that will produce enough charge to run a laptop or cellphone, and power all manner of other things besides, and it's very near at hand, according to William Acker, CEO of MTI Micro Fuel Cells in New York, USA.
That's a small, very quiet private estate beside the community college, where a lot of kids from the area attend, and it's very near the Superquinn district shopping center and the main primary school.
Christmas time is the best time of year, It'll be here again soon, it's very near.