It's windy

It's windy   
References in classic literature ?
Reef in the mainsail, and haul on the tack; For it's windy weather -"
Up jumped the cod with his chuckle-head, Went to the main-chains to heave at the lead; For it's windy weather," etc.
IT doesn't matter how much you spend, if it's windy on Ladies' Day, you'll end up looking windswept and interesting like everyone else.
If it's windy, you break 70 and you've had a good score but if it's flat calm it's going to be like the first day, low scoring.
It's windy," said Jahns, whose biggest shot in the first round of the tournament was a difficult 30-foot uphill putt on 12.
Three is usually too many but when it's windy like that you can also be in as well.
Consider rescheduling outdoor activities, or limiting time outdoors, during colder temperatures, especially if it's windy.
Reilly said: "It's a hard place to go, especially when it's windy because it is one of the windiest places ever.
If the weather has cooled down and it's windy, I would stay in the backcountry and target spotted seatrout and other inshore species.
Inclement weather was also offered up as a reason for smoking outside the main entrance, with an elderly man telling us:"When it's windy and rainy the last thing I'm going to do is walk to the main road for a cigarette.
Whether the Flint Bridge can be improved so that it doesn't close every time it's windy, nor the costs of any necessary improvements (or who will pay for them, are the Welsh Labour Government proposing a toll on the Bridge to cover the costs?
It's windy, it's not easy out there, but still nice.