It's windy

It's windy   
References in classic literature ?
Reef in the mainsail, and haul on the tack; For it's windy weather -"
Up jumped the cod with his chuckle-head, Went to the main-chains to heave at the lead; For it's windy weather," etc.
It's easy to say it as a coach to players but the ones who take it on board and do it every single day when it's wet, it's windy, they might be doing extra sessions or the first team's travelled away somewhere and they are going out to a double session or a Saturday morning session - it's those times the fans don't see when these players are really honing their skills and developing good standards and a good attitude.
Unless it's windy, then you can find me at the beach
However, if it's windy understand that the seas in this area can get sloppy, and be forewarned
It's windy out there and it's dried up a lot since last night.
If the stone is invisible that means that it's foggy, while if it's swaying to and fro then it's windy.
We have to be careful when reversing out of our drive so that we don't hit the metal sheeting and cones that fall over when it's windy, so would like something to be done soon.
If it's windy and rainy it's going to be very difficult to play.
When it's windy like this you're not going to stand up and hit one shot all the time.
What happens if it rains - will they all get wet and when it's windy will they all blow away?
I think the thousand-mile wilderness trail is going to be a little bit of mystery no matter what, if it's warm or if it's cold, or it's windy, or if it's raining,'' said musher Aily Zirkle of Two Rivers.