It's windy

It's windy   
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Reef in the mainsail, and haul on the tack; For it's windy weather -"
"Up jumped the cod with his chuckle-head, Went to the main-chains to heave at the lead; For it's windy weather," etc.
"Also, I don't feel it's a particularly fast course, especially if it's windy, so I don't feel it will be a day for quick times.
On hot summer days, and especially if it's windy, plants will probably need watering in both morning and evening.
"It's hot, it's windy -- it's tough out there," Salvano said.
Please keep umbrellas folded away near the railway - especially when it's windy! "
"I've used that bridge every day of my working life - well apart from when it's windy so maybe 50 days of each year - it's ridiculous," he said.
"He's mixing a lot, especially on conditions like today when it's windy. With his slice, he feels the ball really well.
It's windy out there but I like the condition as well as the humid weather," said Campbell, who worked his way back from seven flights behind to earn a spot in today's featured threesome with Ababa and Jahns.
I left a lot of putts out there today, but it's hard to putt when it's windy like this.
I left a lot of putts out there today, but it's hard to putt when it's windy like this," Hull told the LET website, adding that it was windy all three days but the final day was way better.
For example, as we use more and more wind and solar power, our smart meters could alert us when it's windy or sunny, and plenty of energy is being generated.

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