It doesn't matter

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It doesn't matter   
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For us, though, it doesn't matter if anyone believes us or not.
It doesn't matter that pound cake is made with organic evaporated cane juice instead of (essentially equivalent) sugar, that its wheat flour is unbleached and unbromated (it's still not whole wheat), or that it's made with whole eggs or "pure" (as opposed to impure?
On some level you have to be afraid of them or love them or be fascinated by them, it doesn't matter, but you have to be engaged on some level.
It doesn't matter how little time you are given to look at it; it doesn't matter how dark the encrusted canvas is.
It doesn't matter what kind of strategy you use, you simply have to score more often than your opponents.
Therefore it doesn't matter who's doing it as long as their protocol interoperates with NT.
Because after a while, it doesn't matter how hard kids dance--there has to be more.
Of course, the artists in it weren't so happy, because the paintings don't hang at eye level and so on - but it doesn't matter.
Sex is such a complicated thing that it doesn't matter who you're attracted to," he adds.
And it doesn't matter if the CEO or whoever else gets up and says, "He lied.
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