It hurts

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It hurts   
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"You see, she don't want to hurt the doctor's feelings, so she don't say anything to him about it; but she is always polite, herself, and it hurts that kind for people to be rude to them."
By the Lord Harry I was so good it hurt. My conscience got so expansive and fine-strung it lamed me across the shoulders to carry it around with me.
His hands was long and thin, and every day of his life he put on a clean shirt and a full suit from head to foot made out of linen so white it hurt your eyes to look at it; and on Sundays he wore a blue tail-coat with brass buttons on it.
Yes, in my latest quest for fitness I'm back on two wheels properly for the first time in over 20 years and it hurts.
"It hurts - but it's got to drive you on," he said.
"We will try to pick things up on the training pitch but the players have to show it hurts.
"It hurts them in the terms that they are not as deep as they were, and they run the risk of getting in foul trouble.