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1. Italian.
2. Italic.
3. Italy.


1. italic.
2. italicized.
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Most Jamaican food includes meat of some kind, but ital food is an exception.
Traditional ital food includes beans, peas, callaloo, and coconut, which are part of traditional Jamaican cuisine as well.
At their annual Nyahbinghi held at the Marcus Garvey binghi, Rastas brought and shared Ital food and fruits such as mangoes, bananas, groundnuts and cucumbers.
To ensure that Ital food is available on the market, Rastafarians should seriously consider engaging the government to acquire land for practising organic farming.
The family-friendly event offers on-site camping, medical facilities, vendors of authentic African and Ital food, as well as local arts and crafts.
A few days later I arrived at the Hollywood cottage off Sunset Boulevard where the band were cold lamping, cooking Ital food, writing new material, macking on hot chicks, blazing Cali weed .