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Noun1.Italian bee - yellowish honeybee resembling the Carniolan bee in its habitsItalian bee - yellowish honeybee resembling the Carniolan bee in its habits
Apis mellifera, honeybee - social bee often domesticated for the honey it produces
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The species of honeybees present in India are Apisdorsata--Rock bee, Apisceranaindica--the Indian hive bee, Apisflorea--the little bee, Apismellifera--the European or Italian bee.
In 1965, the honey industry in India received a boost when the Punjab Agriculture University introduced the Italian bee species, apis mellifera.
The Koraput area is a cold region due to which the cultivation of the Italian bee known as Melifera Mexica is very profitable.
Last November, Jackie's daughter Joanna decided it was time to revisit the tale of an Italian bee and his search for aliens, the second book in the series, entitled Mr Bumbellino Sees Stars.
A Lyonnaise bee, played by Simone Signoret, is confronted by an Italian bee, played by Anna Magnani.
The Italian bee eats itself out of home because it's in a strange land.
The Italian bee has been the preference of beekeepers for many years.
They discovered that the Russians were indeed twice as resistant to varroa, as well as being highly resistant to yet another diminutive bug, tracheal mites, which are likewise harmful to Italian bees.

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