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Noun1.Italian lira - formerly the basic unit of money in ItalyItalian lira - formerly the basic unit of money in Italy; equal to 100 centesimi
centesimo - a fractional monetary unit of several countries: Panama and Italy and Uruguay and Chile
Italian monetary unit - monetary unit in Italy
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In this period the shape of the Italian lira da braccio also had symbolic connections with the human form, for a unique feature of the lira (as compared with the fiddle) was the indentation at the lower end of the body where the tail piece was attached (Jones, 2).
Compiled by national producers association Anica, the chart surveys the top-grossing homegrown productions since 1955, with earnings recalculated according to the value of the Italian lira in 1995.
dollar when the Italian lira disappears in the changeover of European currencies to the euro in 2002.
One day last week I visited several exchanges in central London and phoned others, comparing rates for US dollars and Italian lira.
4% in French francs, and up 17% in the Italian lira, although they fell in Dutch gilders by 24.
We have decided that from January 1, 1999, the euro will be the official currency used throughout the Fiat Group, although, obviously, we'll use the Italian lira as well for our accounts.
It also was hit by the stronger krona and Italian lira.
The contract will specify a piece price in Italian lira.
Doubts about France and Italy, in particular, prompted a general flight to German marks from French francs, Italian lira, and other currencies from European countries where high unemployment and concerns about fiscal consolidation persisted.
On August 1, 1989, Ames exchanged $22,107 worth of Italian lira at First Virginia Bank in Arlington.
The survey also indicates that foreign demand is growing fast, helped in part, by the devaluation of the Italian lira.

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