Italian rice

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Noun1.Italian rice - rice cooked with broth and sprinkled with grated cheese
dish - a particular item of prepared food; "she prepared a special dish for dinner"
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Italian rice specialist Riso Gallo has launched its Young Risotto Chef of the Year competition, aimed at budding chefs aged 18-23.
Cooking your Italian rice in the oven saves you laborious stirring time - plus this one's low in fat and calories
MUSHROOM RISOTTO A creamy Italian rice dish with Arborio rice and mushrooms makes a delicious, hassle free one-pot dish.
Italian rice farmers first complained about rice imports in 2014 and argued that the imports were harming EU farmers.
"It is well-known that Italian food is among the most popular in the world and Lulu Hypermarket has always brought the finest Italian products to customers here -- cheeses, olive oil, herbs and a range of pasta, Italian rice and halal meats.
Unlike your usual spinach risotto, the chef's special was a perfect blend of the Italian rice, complimented by Indian spices.
This Italian rice dish, slow cooked in a broth to a creamy consistency, can be made to taste differently each time by topping it with different ingredients and garnishes.
Rice markets portal Oryza says Italy is pushing the EU to cut imports from Asia to protect the growing Italian rice industry.
De Vincentis' rendition of the north Italian rice dish, risotto, is rich and creamy, the rice cooked to the perfect al dente, toothy texture.
With mussels, prawns, calamari and fried tomato in the mix, you have a good Paella already but what makes it great is the Italian rice that's mushy in texture and subtly drenched in saffron and other spices.
Main courses are served with a family-style Risotto sampler, featuring creamy Italian rice garnished with Mushroom “Tartuffato,” Saffron and Parmesan “Milanese,” and Asparagus with Pancetta.
11/2 cups short-grain Italian rice, such as Carnaroli or Arborio

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