a.1.Capable of being iterated or repeated.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Returned list is an iterable one that can be used for further processing.
"Knowing" in each of these cases bifurcates the now into something iterable. Moreover, in both cases, the second moment is never satisfied or given form.
En algunos casos la reduccion de complejidad se hace por medio de un algoritmo u otra operacion iterable que permita la anticipacion de los eslabonamientos y la prediccion de los outputs.
It is certainly true that as Culler writes, "poems have generally circulated in a number of ways, and poets have often hoped to be read by people they do not know, perhaps even after their death, so the charge of ignoring concrete historical modes of circulation is scarcely a potent critique of the concept of lyric as iterable discourse, open to being reperformed in a variety of contexts." (39) I completely agree.
Although materially absent from the gallery, Profile is an artwork in its own right whose iterable inputs and outputs constitute artworks to be displayed, as they were here.
El espectro aloja una estructura iterable: "empieza por regresar", volviendo imposible el dominio de sus "idas y venidas".
Desde una perspectiva teorica y epistemica situada dentro del pensamiento politico posfundacional (Marchart 2009), el texto discute con los analisis esencialistas, que rechazan o ignoran la capacidad transformativa que presentan las identidades politicas, olvidando la doble dimension performativa e iterable del orden significante.
The focus of news production management should not be the creation of a final product within a one-size-fits-all workflow; rather, the focus should be upon the creation of endlessly iterable content through a highly hackable CMS.