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 (ē-thä′kē) also Ith·a·ca (ĭth′ə-kə)
An island of western Greece in the Ionian Islands. According to tradition, it was the home of Odysseus, the hero of Homer's Odyssey.
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Noun1.Ithaki - a Greek island to the west of Greece; in Homeric legend Odysseus was its king
Ellas, Greece, Hellenic Republic - a republic in southeastern Europe on the southern part of the Balkan peninsula; known for grapes and olives and olive oil
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First up will be DJTWSTD, Ithaki bar's resident DJ and quite known within the LGBTI community.
In January, Michael Shvo and Erez Ithaki bought 100 Varick Street for $130 million --a site that could hold a 280,000s/f residential tower.
He migrated from broadcast journalism to feature film with "Ithaki" (2005) and his sophomore effort, "Eye of the Sun" (2008), was programmed in some European festivals.
On his return to Egypt in 2004, he made his feature debut with Ithaki, in 2005.
And you don't feel like you've got to hold your stomach in after lunching on fried prawns and octopus at the lovely beach shack–style Ithaki.
From El-Batout's little-seen first film "Ithaki" to Tamer El-Said's upcoming "In the Last Days of the City," the new indie scene has grown from obscurity into renown, establishing El-Batout as its Godfather.
On the basis of this decision, police raided Ithaki Publishing House, and the draft of the book was erased from computers.
And, if you want to explore nearby islands, car ferries and boats leave from Nidri most days for Meganisi, with its sandy beaches and famous sea-caves, and the islands of Cephalonia and Ithaki.
The best one was in 1997 when Peintre Celebre lost after being boxed in by Cash Asmussen on Ithaki. There was previous to this, as Asmussen was not on speaking terms with Olivier Peslier, Peintre Celebre's rider.