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also A·ton  (ät′n)
n. Mythology
An Egyptian god of the sun, regarded during the reign of Akhenaten as the only god.

[Egyptian jtn.]

A′ten·ism′ (ät′n-ĭz′əm) n.
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(ˈɑːtən) or


(Other Non-Christian Religions) (in ancient Egypt) the solar disc worshipped as the sole god in the reign of Akhenaten
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Noun1.Aten - the sun (or solar disc) which was the deity of a monotheistic cult under the Pharaoh Akhenaten
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"Mushkilein mujh par itni parin ke asaan ho gaen." (I faced so many difficulties that everything began to look easy).
Jis ke peeche itni duaein hon, usko aur kia chahiye (One who is backed by so many prayers, what else he would desire)?
He said, "South ki mahilaye jitni khoobsurat hoti hai, utni hi unki body bhi...hamara yahan itni nahi hoti, woh nritya bhi janti hai" (South Indian women are beautiful and so are their bodies ...
"Jab bachche ko samundar mein jaakar selfie lete lete hi marna hai, toh itni mehnat karne ka kya faayda?" (Eventually, if the child is going to drown in the sea while clicking a selfie, what is the point of so much hard work?)
"Bas itni khata par rahbari cheeni gayee hum say/Kay hum say qafilay manizil pay lutwa'ay nahi jatay"
"Mera khud ka bank account khula to itni khushi huyi, kya bataaoon!" (I cannot express how happy I felt when I opened my own bank account).
I was able to tell a roadside bread maker to make a new one for me, "Mumkin itni sawwi khubs jadeed" and of course my favorite, Wallahi Ghaali ana miskeen that always got me some discount.