Ivan the Great

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Noun1.Ivan the Great - grand duke of Muscovy whose victories against the Tartars laid the basis for Russian unity (1440-1505)
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IVAN THE GREAT Messi celebrates with Rakitic after the Croat puts Barca on their way to El Clasico victory
ON THIS DAY 1505: Death of Ivan the Great, Czar of Russia.
7 KREMLIN WALL, MOSCOW Three nights from PS399pp This fortified complex of cathedrals, palaces, towers and museums has been the seat of Russian state power since the mid-15th century, when Ivan the Great ruled.
IVAN THE GREAT Ivanovich Gorbatov won at Cheltenham
Without Crimea's annexation, Putin faced domestic political disaster and a premature end to his dream of reenacting Ivan the Great's "gathering of the Russian lands" and restoring Russia's global power.