Ivan the Terrible

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Noun1.Ivan the Terrible - the first czar of Russia (1530-1584)Ivan the Terrible - the first czar of Russia (1530-1584)
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1998), 107-27; Perrie, The Cult of Ivan the Terrible in Stalin's Russia (London; Palgrave, 200 l); and Perrie, "The Terrible Tsar as Comic Hero: Mikhail Bulgakov's Ivan Vasil 'evich," in Epic Revisionism: Russian History and Literature as Stalinist Propaganda, ed.
1584: Death of Ivan the Terrible, the first ruler of Russia to assume the title of Tsar.
Murray has gone large parts of his career without a decent coach - or hairdresser - and I'd be in no rush to take the 1-2 offered by Hills that Ivan The Terrible is still his mentor come the end of 2012.
WHILE the conviction of John Demjanjuk, otherwise known as "Ivan the Terrible", is to be welcomed, despite the vicissitudes of a legal process that permitted his resettlement after the War in USA, his derisory sentence of five years imprisonment, some 68 years after committing his crimes, is hardly justice for Holocaust survivors and for the 28,000 Jews it is estimated he personally helped send to their deaths at Sobibor Concentration Camp between 1942-43.
Vladimir Putin, Roman Abramovich, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Nijinsky, Lev Yashin, Rasputin, Olga Korbut, Boris Yeltsin, Ivan the Terrible ....
PROSECUTORS in Germany have taken the first steps to extradite the man known as Ivan the Terrible from the US.
ANSWERS: 1 Ivan the Terrible; 2 Typically Tropical; 3 The Society Islands; 4 Suzanne Charlton; 5 At the Equator; 6 John Lennon; 7 Holograms; 8 Forty-five; 9 High masts on sailing ships; 10 Casein.
The Kremlin Ballet Theatre will also show two of his ballets: Ivan the Terrible and Romeo and Juliet.
From Viktor Abakumov, the World War II-era head of the Soviet Ministry of State Security, to Nikolai Zubatov, a pre-revolutionary police agent, this historical dictionary by Pringle (a former US foreign service officer and intelligence analyst) covers important individuals, organizations, events, and issues of Russian and Soviet intelligence activities from the time of Ivan the Terrible to the present day in cross-referenced alphabetical entries.
Russian princess Constance Bolkonski (Kruger) is in Paris to stage the opera "Ivan the Terrible." While her dashing but odious husband (Alexandre Medvedev) plans to sign a self-serving three-way pact with France and England, Constance is madly in love with Bonnet.
Demjanjuk stood trial in Israel, accused of being the infamous Treblinka concentration camp guard "Ivan the Terrible," responsible for murdering thousands of Jews.
According to the American political scientist Robert Tucker, Stalin consciously modelled his domestic and foreign policies on those of Ivan the Terrible and Peter the Great, an opinion Perrie does not share (p.