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Noun1.Ivanov - Russian choreographer (1834-1905)Ivanov - Russian choreographer (1834-1905)  
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Constructed wetlands have been relatively successful in reducing surface water P concentrations to 50 pg/L or even lower (Chen, Ivanoff, & Pietro, 2015; Kadlec 2006).
division; James Bach, president of its international division; and Nick Ivanoff, executive vice president of the company's U.S.
For the new season, Hamilton welcomed three new pilots as its ambassadors in the competition alongside the Corsican pilot Nicolas Ivanoff, who has been a brand ambassador since 2015.
(2010), [P.sub.2][O.sub.5] doses between 40 and 80 kg [ha.sup.-1] were sufficient to reach sunflower grain yield of 2,000 kg [ha.sup.-1], whereas Ivanoff et al.
Studies investigating the opinions of older adults about their independence and decision-making have shown that it is highly important to older adults to maintain independence and control in their lives (Doyle, 2010; Haak, Fange, Iwarsson, & Ivanoff, 2007; White & Groves, 1997).
Title: Night of the creepy carnival Author: George Ivanoff Publisher: Random House Australia, 2015 A boy goes to a carnival.
Anne Ivanoff, Executive Vice-President, EVRY Global Delivery, who accompanied Fredrik added, "There is an increasing amount of interest from Nordic countries such as Sweden and Norway for IT services, as these countries lack sufficient IT talent pool"
Jake Fowler, Ash Davis and Alex Kempster definitely come into contention and Chandler's only injury concern is for young Bulgarian Nick Ivanoff, who was injured in midweek.
Catalogue (German edition) by Karl-Heinz Kohl, Richard Kuba, Helene Ivanoff (eds.)