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Noun1.Ivanov - Russian choreographer (1834-1905)Ivanov - Russian choreographer (1834-1905)  
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That must be either Mary Nikolievna's or the Ivanovs'!"
Gjorge Ivanov, whose second presidential term ends on 12 May 2019, isn't going back to lecturing at the Faculty of Law where he worked until 10 years ago, Zhurnal reports.
Pandora's Box is open and now almost everyone takes the liberty to deny what is our established right, on multiple levels and on multiple occasions," said Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov commenting on the Prespa agreement in his end-year address at the Macedonian Parliament Friday.
An attorney for Iosif Fomich Ivanov, 38, of Woodburn asked that his client's bail be cut in half, from $1.4 million to $700,000.
Activist Xhabir Derala in Sloboden Pecat asks whether President Ivanov knows that the regime has fallen?
Ivan Ivanov, better known for his gaming nickname MinD_ContRoL, became a millionaire after an impressive victory at a Dota 2 tournament.Ivanov is part of Team Liquid, who defeated the Chinese team Newbee in the big final of The International 2017 in the game Dota 2.
Ivan Ivanov's dictionary titled "[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]" (Developing our vocabulary.
12, Russian President Vladimir Putin dismissed his longtime chief of staff, Sergei Ivanov. Ivanov was the second most important person in the Russian political hierarchy.
RUSSIAN President Vladimir Putin has fired Sergei Ivanov, his chief of staff and once one of his closest allies, in the most high-profile power reshuffle at the Kremlin in years.
"The cargo traveled through Badakhshan-Doshi-Bamiyan-Herat, then further through Iran and into Turkey, where the opium was processed in well-equipped laboratories-into high quality heroin, and then was to be sent to Europe and Russia," Ivanov said during an anti-narcotics committee meeting, RT reported.
Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov on Thursday for the first time addressed the Security Council of the United Nations, convened by President Barack Obama for dealing with the growing threat of terrorism.