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Noun1.Ivry - a battle (1590) in which the Huguenots under Henry IV defeated the Catholics under the duke of MayenneIvry - a battle (1590) in which the Huguenots under Henry IV defeated the Catholics under the duke of Mayenne
France, French Republic - a republic in western Europe; the largest country wholly in Europe
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"Wid that I wint out into the camp an' inthrojuced mysilf to ivry man sober enough to remimber me.
'Tis not ivry child that wud chuck the Rig'lations to Flanders an' stretch Peg Barney on a wink from a brokin an' dilapidated ould carkiss like mysilf.
For an hour Long Jack walked his prey up and down, teaching, as he said, "things at the sea that ivry man must know, blind, dhrunk, or asleep." There is not much gear to a seventy-ton schooner with a stump-foremast, but Long Jack had a gift of expression.
There's good and just reason for ivry rope aboard, or else 'twould be overboard.
had been distinguished by his white plume at the battle of Ivry.
A very happy personage in the year of grace 1482, was the noble gentleman Robert d'Estouteville, chevalier, Sieur de Beyne, Baron d'Ivry and Saint Andry en la Marche, counsellor and chamberlain to the king, and guard of the provostship of Paris.
Nonetheless, as emphasized by Alfred Ivry in the preface and introduction of his fine guide to Maimonides's Guide, the difficulties in the work stemmed as well from Maimonides's own conflicting views and commitments as a Jewish rabbi and an adherent of the Greco-Islamic philosophical tradition.
Positive ID." But the operation was aborted at the last minute, while the IAF jets were already in the air watching the target, by then-Air Force commander David Ivry, who had his doubts about the target.
The purchaser is SADEV94, the developer of the ZAC Ivry Confluences.
Rodrigue and Stein join Vox Tablet host Sara Ivry to talk about Sa'adi's life, his obsession with the arbitrary rabbinic authority that led to his excommunication, and the surprising details about Jewish Salonica that find their way to us through his account.
Ivry (anthropology, University of Haifa, Israel) discovered that it is also viewed by both pregnant women and medical professionals differently in the cultures of Israel and Japan.
The US Ivry team joined Tunisia in the final of the International "Challenge Marrane" Handball Tournament after beating the Czech Republic 28-24 (halftime : 16-9) at a Pool A day 3 game played Saturday in Ivry (Paris suburbs).