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 (ĭk-sī′ən, ĭk′sē-ŏn′)
n. Greek Mythology
A king of Thessaly who committed parricide and attempted to rape Hera and was punished by Zeus by being bound to a perpetually revolving wheel in Hades.
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(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth a Thessalian king punished by Zeus for his love of Hera by being bound to a perpetually revolving wheel
Ixionian adj
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(ɪkˈsaɪ ən, ˈɪk siˌɒn)

a legendary Thessalian king whom Zeus punished for his attempted seduction of Hera by binding him to an eternally revolving wheel in Tartarus.
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There are four kinds of Tragedy, the Complex, depending entirely on Reversal of the Situation and Recognition; the Pathetic (where the motive is passion),--such as the tragedies on Ajax and Ixion; the Ethical (where the motives are ethical),--such as the Phthiotides and the Peleus.
And now it is the time; from Hell's abyss Come thirsting Tantalus, come Sisyphus Heaving the cruel stone, come Tityus With vulture, and with wheel Ixion come, And come the sisters of the ceaseless toil; And all into this breast transfer their pains, And (if such tribute to despair be due) Chant in their deepest tones a doleful dirge Over a corse unworthy of a shroud.
It was a modern parallel to the case of Ixion embracing a cloud, and was so much the more ridiculous as the Judge prided himself on eschewing all airy matter, and never mistaking a shadow for a substance.
Never yet have I been so overpowered by passion neither for goddess nor mortal woman as I am at this moment for yourself--not even when I was in love with the wife of Ixion who bore me Pirithous, peer of gods in counsel, nor yet with Danae the daintily-ancled daughter of Acrisius, who bore me the famed hero Perseus.
As to fitfulness, I have never learnt the art of binding myself to any of the wheels on which the Ixions of these days are turning round and round.
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There are numerous mythic examples of impiety punished, including Tantalus, Typhos, Ixion, Asclepius.
(3) Ademas de Perseo y Simbad, el autor utiliza otras mascaras de procedencia miticolegendaria como Ixion, Booz, Job y Jacob.
After this time, the hooks were removed mechanically with pliers ix827 (Ixion Instruments, USA) designed for removing all types of hooks.
25-26) associate Ithocles with Ixion and Phaeton, both emblematic examples of ambition, the hero is morally redeemed.
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